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La Queen Aesthetics Skin Care

About Us

Skin management combines traditional skincare with modern medical skincare methods. Before we start, professionally trained aestheticians examine each client’s skin. Based on the results, they design a series of highly targeted strategies to address existing issues. The strategies leverage massages, products and equipment to make your skin look healthier and younger.

Skin management can solve your current skin problems. It can also prevent possible concerns in the future. It can effectively address skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, loss of color, pore size, wrinkles etc. 

We provide skin cleansing, rehydration, lightening/whitening, rejuvenation, peeling, anti-aging, acne treatment and more. We’ve developed comprehensive approaches to address common skin concerns to give your skin the long-waited rebirth!

At La Queen Aesthetics, we believe in personalization. We examine your skin and decide which approaches to use. We develop strategies to suit the unique needs of your skin to maximize the benefits. To us, skincare is a science.